Bed Bugs Pest Control

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Set up a bed bug removal service in Miami, FL

Don't let pesky bed bugs keep you up at night. Contact Zap-Em Pest Solutions, LLC for a bed bug removal service. We'll inspect your area to see if you have bed bugs. Afterward, we'll treat the infected area and show you how to prevent bed bugs from returning. We'll come back in 48 hours to repeat the process.

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Is it bed bugs or something else?

You may have a hard time figuring out if you have bed bugs if you don't know the signs. Call a bed bug exterminator if you notice:

Tiny bugs crawling on your mattress
Little scratches or bite marks on your body
Small spots of blood on your mattress, sheets or pillows

We follow a strict three-step process that includes powerful cleaning solutions approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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