Cockroach Pest Control

Do You Have Roaches in Your Home or Office?

Do You Have Roaches in Your Home or Office?

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There are few things worse than having roaches in your building. Hire an exterminator at Zap-Em Pest Solutions, LLC to tackle this problem immediately. We specialize in German cockroach control. With decades of experience, you can trust our exterminator to provide effective pest control solutions at an affordable rate.

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Learn more about our effective method

To provide the best cockroach pest control services, we follow a strict four-step process. This includes:

Thoroughly inspecting your home or office
Using a flushing agent or bait method to lure hidden roaches
Applying an effective roach dust in entry points for further protection
Spraying a powerful insecticide throughout your home or office to keep roaches out

Don't use do-it-yourself methods. Hire a professional for cockroach control. We offer free estimates for homeowners and business owners in Miami, FL.